Sunday, August 26, 2018


Recent natural calamity taught / reminded us? a few basic lessons.

Lesson 1
In the event of very heavy rains in the catchment areas, the Dam Safety Authorities, ignoring the damages
it is going to cause to the lives and properties of the people, will be forced to release water as required, in
order to maintain the water level in dams below the dangerous mark.
Lesson 2
The whole flood plain areas are flooded within a short time as the waterways (rivers?) to the sea, narrow
and shallow, are grossly insufficient to contain the massive flow of water released from the dams.
Lesson 3
The sea level determines the volume of intake of water into the sea from the river mouth. Higher the sea
level, lower the intake. And lower the sea level means, the sea gates are wide open. Therefore, if the gates
of the dams are opened while the sea gates are not, the lower coastal areas will surely be inundated.
Lesson 4
Whatever be the reasons for the release, we very dearly need a BUFFER ZONE to hold billions of litres
of water for a maximum period of at least seven days and for sustained release in between. The buffer
zone together with sustained release provides the SPACE AND TIME for the water to smoothly end up
in the sea without flooding the related areas.
The authorities may study the prospects of an array of interconnected mini dams along the valleys of the
Western Ghats at safe distance from the existing dams, from the North to the South of Kerala. Such
mini dams will be like big, deep and vast ponds in the valleys, capable of holding billions of litres, in total.
Ecological problems will be minimum as a major part of such dams will be below the ground level.
And no question of landslide as the dams will not be at very high altitudes from sea-level.
  1. Maintain the water level in the main dams to it's maximum recommended capacity.
  2. Enhance hydroelectric production to the maximum.
  3. Help solve water crisis.
  4. Act as a buffer zone together with RIVER LAKES AND SUBMERGED WATER WELLS to
contain the excess water released from any dam.
5. Store such water released at least for a maximum of seven days.
6. Allow sustained release within these seven days in conformity with the lunar cycle.
7. Revive all the rivers in Kerala.
Actions required.
1.Increase the capacity of the main dams by removing the sand deposits and other debris
accumulated into the dam over the years.
2. Protect the dams from further sand and other deposits. 3. Declaim the confiscated areas from the waterways and convert them back into rivers.
4. Fix and beautify the banks of the rivers so as not allow further encroachments.
5. Strict action against waste deposits in rivers.
6. Broaden and scientifically deepen the narrow and shallow water-ways to the sea.
7. Release water from mini dams based on a proper plan.
8. Ensure all the mini dams are empty before the arrival of the rainy seasons and keep ready
to act as a buffer zone.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


  1. The object of SWWS is to RETAIN, RESERVE, DISTRIBUTE AND RECHARGE the rain water.
  2. The System ensures availability of water at all places all the time.
  3. Sufficient water will be available for water treatment plants for conversion to drinking water as well as for agriculture.
  4. It consists of innumerable water wells scattered all over the land, deep river lakes, existing dams (we do not recommend building new overground dams for SWWS), mini dams and bore wells.
  5. The depth of water wells shall be around 30 feet and the distance between the wells 25 feet to 50 feet.
  6. No rain water is lost to the sea as a major part of our rivers, wherever possible, will be converted into deep river lakes of about 30 feet depth.
  7. Remember, hereafter river lakes will be the most preferred storage facility for water as unlike the gigantic dams over the ground, it does not destroy the ecosystems at all.  
  8. The total capacity of the System to contain water together with a number of river lakes in our 41 (+3 that flows to Tamil Nadu) rivers, shall be very huge – trillions of litres. This ensures the availability of water to meet any emergency, including failure of seasonal monsoons at times.
  9. At present our rivers contain practically no water at all, but sands to the brim.
  10. The System gets fresh supplies of water during the rainy season. During summer or whenever the water level in the wells goes down, it is immediately replenished automatically from the water available in the surrounding area.
  11. Surface water recharging and ground water recharging takes place automatically from the SWWS
  12. In case automatic recharging does not take place in any well, it can be done through a special interconnection (LIFELINE)
  13. Water will also be recharged to the underground through bore wells.
  14. All the rivers in our State can be revived.

For more details , please ref  Submerged water wells system



Thursday, July 28, 2016


Just before the current monsoon, we have witnessed pathetic situations such as death of people, animals and plants, mass migration etc. because all these years we were ignoring the warnings. Draught now is a reality.
According to the Central Water Commission, many Indian river basins  east of the Western Ghats and the north west region of India are facing scarcity conditions with per capita availability of water less than 1000CuM or are facing acute water shortage with  far less than or around 500CuM.
Even now it is not too late to take the corrective steps.
The mantra for the solution for drought, water crisis, scorching heat, receding water table  etc. is RETAIN, RESERVE, DISTRIBUTE AND RECHARGE RAINWATER. In other words, by proper management of the rain water we can ensure the availability of water at all places all the time and this is precisely what we are going to achieve by installing THE SUBMERGED WATER WELLS SYSTEM (SWWS)
Main aspects of SWWS:-
  1. Each possible plot of land shall be treated as a  water-shed and the rainwater falling in such water-shed shall be retained  and directed to a submerged water well.
  2. No rainwater is lost to the sea as a major part of our rivers, wherever possible, will be converted into deep lakes and therefore enough fresh water will be available for distribution to the connected areas.
  3. Again, in order to withhold maximum quantity of rainwater, in addition to the existing dams and lakes, an array of interconnected mini dams can be constructed at appropriate places along the mountain valleys or elsewhere without seriously affecting the ecology of the area. Excess water release from dams when and if the dams are full during the rainy season, can be directed to the interconnected mini dams. From the mini dams it is even possible to direct the rain water to desired rivers.
  4. Distribution between submerged water wells takes place through the interconnection (LIFE LINE) or possibly through the process mentioned in item (5)
  5. Automatic recharging of surface water takes place through innumerable submerged water wells scattered all over the area. Core pressure in the well forces water to each and every pore/gap/aquifers in the surrounding area of the well.  The field capacity, speed,  time , the distance the water travels etc depends on the porosity of the underground soil.
  6. Automatic recharging to the ground water also takes place through the SWWS. Gravitational pull as well as the core pressure forces water in the well also to move vertically down the underground soil and ultimately help to slowly raise the water table.
  7. The process mentioned in item (5) is reversed once the water is pumped out from any submerged well so that the well practically regains its previous water level within a short time.
  8. Bore wells can also be used for ground water recharging .
We know, if there is no water, there is no life. But when in excess, it can easily be a terminator too, of terrestrial life. Energized water has the power to kill, destroy, and devastate everything in its way and every year / season it is demonstrating it’s might and fury over the helpless inhabitants of the earth.
Therefore let us all work together and tame the rainwater to save us from water shortages as well as damages due to excesses. Of course, we are not at all dreaming of total flood control. However, there is a remote possibility of delaying the sudden outburst of flood water due to heavy rains, as the numerous mini dams are interconnected and therefore of huge combined capacity which means there is a ray of hope.
Providing a diagram of a typical submerged water well system here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


From the time of the primitive man, the dogs have been the most trusted friend of the human beings. Even when he evolved into the present city man, the dog continues to be his most loyal companion – an unbroken bond spanning thousands of years.
Hence even the thought of killing the dogs is insane, barbarian and inhuman. No. Never should we do that. We don’t want to transform ourselves into Satans roaming the streets of the Gods own country.
Instead of massacre en masse let us send the dogs back into our ancestral home, the Forest, from where they also came. To convenient areas demarcated for the purpose. Such areas may be protected by fencing. No medical teams with raised syringes in hand will ever enter the new campus. There, without any fear they are free to sing the old Bobby song and be happy for ever. 

Now, the million dollar question.  Food for the migrated dogs numbering around 270000? Don’t worry. Dump all the food and vegetable wastes from the cities to the ‘Newfoundland’.
Forest is the greatest biologist the world has ever seen. She knows how to treat the animals as well as the huge quantity of biological wastes.

 A right decision by the government will solve for ever two most important problems haunting the people of Kerala. Moreover, the authorities can think of converting barren areas in the forest itself or elsewhere using the huge quantities of organic manure derived from decomposition of organic wastes.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


All the searches and researches for a solution to the air pollution, greenhouse effect, global warming etc leads us ultimately to the importance of a sustainable environmental system (SES). The existence of SES, together with reduction of GHG emissions to the required level, is essential for the survival of life on the earth for both plants and animals.

Primarily, we know SES offsets the CO2 and releases O2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, the absence of SES in any place will mean,1) The carbon dioxide generated by the life activities and the modern style life of the people and the industrial emissions, if any ,in such areas are not at all getting offset because of the absence of or less green vegetation in the said areas. On the other hand such CO2 is added to the global stock increasing the green house effect, global warming, climate change etc. 2) Fresh O2 released will also be less ,rendering the atmospheric air unhealthy.3) The available vegetation itself will slowly disappear from many parts of the world ever increasing the threat to life. Receding vegetation is a forerunner or a sort of warning of what is in store for other forms of life too, including the humans.

Therefore, now it is well conceived by the authorities throughout the world that the whole world is in dire need of implementing or improving or enhancing the process of greening or environmental protection. But then why the world is not taking any effective action to protect the environment?

Two main reasons. One is water shortage and the second, inadequate rules and regulations for entrusting the responsibility of establishing and maintaining the SES.

What we need is a perfect sustainable environmental system .For that there should be biodiversity –which requires or demands wild growth and coexistence of various micro and macro animals and plants wherever possible. And most important, the proper functioning of the Natural Systems.

The primary ingredient required to support biodiversity is the water. But even for human consumption the drinking water is already short or is going to be short or not available in the coming years. Then how the human beings will spare water for establishing biodiversity?

But the most interesting thing is that the presence of biodiversity and the availability of water are interrelated. In other words if there is biodiversity, water definitely will be there or vice versa. This is not a mathematical equation. It is a biological equation or it can be described as a natural formula. It is observed water in the wells in areas where the trees and other vegetation are abundant, sustains for a slightly longer period because the presence of vegetation retains moisture content in the soil (due to condensation) which slowly drips into the earth and ultimately reaches the underground aquifers. This is what we, the world have ignored until recently. (This has to be considered while transforming deserts)

In order to understand the necessity for biodiversity and the natural systems, it is essential to have at least a general idea of THE LIFE and THE NATURE.


The most important aspect of life is that all the living beings are interdependent. The relationship between the whole Animal Kingdom is usually represented as a pyramid. As the shape of the pyramid indicates, higher forms of life represented towards the top part of the pyramid are always supported by the lower forms. Also there are many species of animals that depends only on plants for their food. In this intermingled food chain, the death or extinction of any species of animals or plants is going to affect the existence of many others and ultimately will destroy the natural balance. The structure of life is such that independent existence is impossible, especially for animals. The point to be understood well is the earth is not meant for the human beings alone. I.e. we cannot clear the area of all 'unwanted' plants and animals and live happily ever after.


The nature is the mother of all living forms on the earth. It is through her lap that the life on the earth flows uninterruptedly. She protects "us", the millions of living forms on the earth and provides all the basic requirements of life. Like our own mothers, in order to protect us, she also takes care of her own life by maintaining the natural balance.


The nature maintains the natural balance through various natural systems that functions in the same way as that of the biological systems in the human body.
For e.g. we all know there is a respiratory system to keep the atmospheric air fresh and healthy. There is a circulatory system to distribute the life blood of nature, the water, to the various parts of the earth. A system to regulate the climate. And a miraculous system to control the population under each type of living being! The modus operandi of which is known to Her only
Or we can say, is beyond our comprehension, may be at least for the time being.

The nature enacts or enforces these systems through the LIVES of plants and animals themselves. i.e. life and nature are two inseparable parts of the same phenomenon held together through the natural systems. In other words, failure of the natural systems will lead to the destruction of the natural balance and ultimately the death of nature as well as life.


How far are the forests important in the story of life? Well .The answer is very simple. No forests -> No terrestrial life.

The forests can be described as the womb of nature where numerous new forms of terrestrial life originated through the wonderful process of evolution. They are also the cradle of life where wild growth of all sorts of plants and animals are seen.
The forests perform very complex and vital functions in the smooth and uninterrupted flow of life on the planet. And therefore the forests constitute the most important player as regards the flow of life on the earth.


The forests hold tons and tons of rich soil formed through the degeneration of nitrogenous materials. Such soil, several meters deep in virgin forests, also holds enormous volumes of water.
In the forests the thick foliage is like an umbrella and effectively prevents the sun's rays from coming to the forest floor. There for whatever is the temperature outside, inside the forest it is comfortably cool.
" Rich soil, ample water,fresh air and the cool comfort under the thick foliage of the wilderness, oh ! Wilderness, here is the paradise for life."


System to regulate the climate.

Forests play a major part in ensuring consistant rainfall. The brushing of the high trees in the high mountain forests with the rain clouds stimulates the rain. And every body knows the temperature is always low in areas where there are more trees compared to open areas where sun's rays hit directly.

Forests constitute the respiratory system of nature that keeps the atmospheric air fresh and healthy by maintaining a consistant supply and removal of O2 and CO2 respectively.

In the nature’s circulatory system for the distribution of water, the mountain forests perform the very vital function of the heart in the human body. Removing the trees from the mountains will be like cutting away the muscles of the heart because once the trees are removed the mountains can no longer hold water on its floor. The huge volumes of water stored on the forests' ground will immediately run down.

As a result , the rivers arising from such mountains will , very soon dry up. The related land areas will thereby be devoid of the primary ingredient of terrestrial life and therefore all the living things in such land areas will soon die out.

Hence , to put in the other way, the absence of forests will lead to -
1. Reduced rain
2. Floods when and if it rains
3. Draught
4. High temperature.
5. Disappearance of vegetation etc

Therefore, what is to be done to preserve the bio-diversity in nature?


Yes . This is the only way to achieve a perfect sustainable environmental system. Irrespective of the causes or instead of pondering too much over the causes that lead to the formation , the story of many of the present day deserts can be rewritten by recreating the forests on the mountains or places at higher altitudes.
The mountains are not hindrances or stumbling blocks standing on the way of human progress. All the mountains should be there as they are because they are the mitochondria of nature, designed by the Almighty that triggers or ensure the perpetual supply of the required potential energy to keep the natural systems alive or in motion.

One prominent scientist has rightly remarked “humans are the cancer of the earth ". From the very moment the humans decided to become “modern " the foolish actions of the wise guys began to slowly convert the earth into a hell which was really a paradise for millions of years for millions of life forms. Since his arrival on the earth the man is engaged himself in a sort of undeclared war with the Nature. In this strange war, he is quite ignorant or has underestimated the magnitude or sharpness or the killing powers of the armaments hidden in the Nature's arsenal. And if he continues to provoke the Nature, the consequences will be disastrous and devastating..

Those with watchful eyes can hear the frightening "tick" "tick" of the dooms day clock. It is gaining alarming speed. The arrival of the dooms day need not be through nuclear explosions. The chances are more, it could be through pollution, thirst and hunger and epidemics.

The life which we see today, we all know, cannot survive on 'hydrothermal vents’. The anaerobic bacteria- has it evolved during the past few billion years? Who knows? If at all it evolves, how many billions of years it may take to attain the highly complicated structure of any present day organism.

Therefore, under the circumstances we are left with only two options- continue the foolish, negative, suicidal approach and wait for the last breath or wake up and act NOW to stop the environmental deterioration, land degradation...

To sum up, for greening the deserts and to prevent the disappearance of vegetation, we have to establish a perfect sustainable environmental system which will ensure the basic requirements of life - water, air, rich soil and the climatic conditions. For this there should be forests on the mountains, the valleys and forest strips where ever possible including the cities.

So as the first step towards the restoration of the perfect natural environment which existed years ago, let us RECREATE THE FORESTS. Let us go back to the forests. Let there be vivid, wild growth of plants and animals in all possible places. If not, time will prove the Homo Sapiens, in spite of being one of the most brilliant products of earthly evolution - civilized, cultured, achieved miraculous scientific strides, visited other planet, ruled and terrorized the world during its short tenure - met with the same fate as that of the mighty dinosaurs because the human beings failed to understand their very own loving and caring mother, The Nature or failed to act when and if they did.

We have just entered the new millennium.. At this moment let us all take an oath that we will try our best to protect the natural habitats and that we will never be a party to any scheme or plan that ultimately kills or destroys the flora and fauna of nature. Henceforth our basic policy shall be of co-existence with other animals and plants.

Look at the innumerable bald mountains standing high in the sky like remnants or sad reminders of a glorious past. Are they not eagerly looking at us requesting to rejuvenate them? Do they know the human beings are the only creation who is capable of accomplishing this faster?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For years I have been trying to convince the authorities about my concept for an effective management of the available water- The Submerged Water Wells System (SWWS). But, I admit, I failed miserably. Now I request all the interested persons to study this very simple process and try to open the eyes of the authorities because I believe, it is THE ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION FOR THE WORLD WATER CRISIS.

A solution for the water crisis is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing today.

Our time for seminars and discussions is limited. If we do not act now or if we do not deviate ourselves from the same destructive path which our predecessors adopted about 250 years ago , which resulted in global warming, global water crisis, global climate change, destroyed the peace on the earth and also destroyed the natural balances in many places , be assured the dooms day is not far.. It is very close to us... could be at the doorstep even...

Hence pals, I am hereby kicking the ball to the greatest court, the people’s court. Take it... This doesn’t mean I am going back to the pavilion. I have more balls. I will not sleep until…

The SWWS is not tested practically in a large area of land as it requires a lot of money. Lab tests have been done and found successful.

A diagram of a typical SWWS is attached. Measurements may be adjusted according to practical requirements.


"Water, water every where but not a drop to drink"

Don't sit back and relax just because enough drinking water may be available in your vicinity. Many places in the world are already suffering from lack of drinking water and the rest is fast heading towards that pathetic situation of not a drop to drink. In places where the surface water has dried up, people have started consuming the ground water which also is finished or diminished considerably. Yes. The earth's surface is drying up...The proof is the disappearing vegetation from many parts of the world.

Why is it? Or what went wrong?

The reasons that led to this pathetic situation are many. Increased consumption of drinking water, less or no recharging, insufficient storage space for surface water...

Until recently we were ignorant or not bothered to think about the total quantity of water at our disposal. But now we know the available water is limited. And that 'we' cannot survive if the required quantity of water is not available. That is why the World Watchers have even warned future wars could be for water rather than for oil.

We know we cannot compromise on the quality and quantity of drinking water. Hence enough water fit for drinking should be available all the time. The only solution is increase the number of surface receptacles, direct the rain water to such receptacles and thus collect the maximum amount of rain water whenever and wherever it rains and store it and then distribute it properly.

The Submerged Water Wells System is a simple scheme to RETAIN, RESERVE, DISTRIBUTE AND RECHARGE billions of liters of rain water. So install the SWWS and then you may relax because The SWWS will be a permanent solution for the water shortage.


The system aims to turn the earth's underground into a huge storehouse for water by constructing innumerable water wells - SUBMERGED WATER WELLS - scattered throughout the land. The wells will be connected to facilitate the easy flow of water between the wells and sources. And the result - the earth's underground will be flooded with rain water.


2.1. Constant supply of water in all submerged wells irrespective of the quantity pumped out, throughout the year.

2.2. Easy distribution of water to all the connected submerged wells.

2.3. Retain, reserve, distribute and recharge the maximum quantity of rain water.


These are wells intended to collect the maximum quantity of rain water during the rainy seasons and also shall be the pumping stations whenever water is required for irrigation or for conversion for drinking purposes.

A cross section of the land area where there is SWWS, will show innumerable water receptacles hiding just underneath the earth's surface holding lots of water and at the same time apparently almost immersed in water, as the gaps in the earth and all the underground aquifers surrounding the wells will also have the same water level as that of the wells.

In other words, the SWWS form big artificial storage spaces in the earth's underground for the rain water to recharge all the underground aquifers, each and every available space between the rocks and sands and to rest comfortably there or to hide itself from the killing heat of the sun as long as the water is allowed to remain there.


4.1. Wells are of smaller radius and of required or possible depth. But the dimensions of special purpose storage facilities will, of course, depend, among other things, on the quantity of water required to be pumped out in a definite time.

4.2. Each well is connected with the nearest one by small pipes/hose. The route of the interconnecting hose is protected by concrete hollow bricks closely fitted to form a safe passage. This passage will act as a drainage too to the nearest well if and when the wells are filled to the top . More quantities of water will be transferred at a faster rate.

4.3. The top of the wells may be covered with thick concrete slabs about3 to 6 ft. below the ground level. This will facilitate the normal use of the land over the area of the well.

4.4. The concrete slabs will be fitted with a hollow vertical pipe through which the outlet pipe for pumping out water can be inserted whenever required or the distribution pipes/hoses for distribution purposes.

4.5. Wells may be constructed at the rate of one well per land area of 20 cents or as required.

4.6. Concrete rings ( porous ) are to be used for the construction of the wells if the soil is not hard enough.

4.7. The top level of water of all the connected wells shall be the same.

4.8. The volume of water immediately available at any time will depend on the size of the well in relation to its common water level.

4.9. Once the water is pumped out from a well, within a short time the water from the surrounding underground areas will flow into the well till the Water in the well reaches the common ground water level in the area.


The reasons supporting the construction of the wells underground are:-

5.1. Cost effective

5.1.1 The SWWS will be the most economical method ever employed for the distribution of water, in terms of cost of construction and operation.

5.1.2 The cost of construction of such wells will be only a fraction of the expenses had such a vast distribution system been undertaken on the ground level.

5.1.3 Once established, it requires practically no maintenance cost at all.

5.2. Operation

5.2.1 The collection and storing of rain water in underground wells is the easiest and most convenient method. It simply is the natural way.

5.2.2 The distribution of water is extremely simple and easy. Because of the special property of liquids to know their own level, water will flow and fill automatically in the wells.

5.2.3 The level of water in all the wells in the region can be obtained by checking the water level in any one well. This comes handy while letting out water to the submerged wells from dams/reservoirs/rivers.

5.2.4 The loss of water due to evaporation will be practically nil.


6.1. Rain water

In areas where there is rainfall, rain water may be directed to one or more convenient collection centers or reservoirs from where clear water can be made to flow to the nearest submerged water wells.

6.2. Dams/ reservoirs/ rivers.

Reservoirs or wherever possible barriers in rivers are constructed to prevent and preserve the rain water from flowing into the sea. It is very important for the success of the scheme to retain as much rain water as possible.

From these sources water is distributed to the chain of submerged water wells as and when required. For the purpose, any sort of propelling motors or big pipes are not at all required. Water will find its way, knows its level and will automatically get filled in the chain of connected wells. From such wells water can be pumped out for irrigation or for converting into purified water for drinking purposes.

Big underground reservoirs can be built wherever required to function as mini sources, with capacity to store enough water to last for a season.

A heavy rain or flood in any place will mean that all the connected submerged wells not only in the place of rain or flood but throughout the land is filled to the top. Is it not a clear case of curse turn into blessing?

Flood water can be collected in special reservoirs built on the ground with high walls and base made of concrete. Such reservoirs may be built in different places in flood prone areas. When the flood recedes, water in the reservoir will remain there and such water as it is at a slightly higher level to the ground, the connected wells can be filled to the top whenever required. The distribution in such cases will be through the hollow concrete passage and therefore will be faster. Valves should be fixed in appropriate places to prevent the importing of flood to other places from the affected areas.

Water should always pass through natural sieves or other means to prevent leaves and other dust particles getting into the wells and blocking the underground pipes.

All the submerged wells will remain full as long as there is sufficient water in the sources.


Although the rain lavishly pours water (precipitation) on the forests and non forest areas, it is the forests that stores enormous volumes of rain water and releases them little by little to the rivers. Therefore the mountains covered with forests can be described as the hearts and the rivers originating from the forests as the main arteries which circulate the elixir of life on the earth.

The lands near the rivers get sufficient water as the water from the rivers seeps through the gaps in the soil and establishes itself a common water level.

But the majority of the lands mass farther to the rivers remain practically dry as:-

7.1. Little or no water reaches that much distance for want of proper channels or due to any other obstacles.

7.2. Only a small percentage of the rain water that falls on non-forest areas get stored in wells or sink deep into the soil, the major part ,in no time , flows ultimately into the sea.

7.3. Increased consumption for drinking and agricultural purposes by the ever increasing population.

7.4. Decrease in recharging or no recharging at all of the surface or ground water compared to the vast quantities pumped out for various purposes.

There are many other reasons that contribute to the pathetic situation of no water or little water. But the basic reasons for water crisis are -

7.5. The major part of the rain water is not being stored for future use but disappears in no time by swiftly flowing into the sea.

7.6. The available water is not distributed properly to places where it is not available or is in short supply.

The world water crisis will become a story of the past if we are able to solve the above two points. And that is what precisely the SWWS is going to do. RETAIN, RESERVE, DISTRIBUTE AND RECHARGE the rain water.

Like the arteries of the Circulatory System that supplies blood to each and every cell in the human body , the SWWS shall supply water to each and every inch of land on the earth, through out the year, thereby keeping the earth cool and comfortable a place for the LIFE to flow on.


The System of Submerged Water Wells is destined to change the face of the world. It will bring in a flood of changes.


8.1.1. Moisture content in the soil can be maintained .Ample water is available for irrigation and drinking purposes wherever required throughout the year. Thus presents the perfect atmosphere for the promotion of biodiversity.

8.1.2. Moist soil enhances spontaneous growth of perennial shrubs and permanent trees.

8.1.3. Presence of shrubs and trees promotes various forms of life like birds and other micro and macro organisms.

8.1.4. The earth’s water table slowly rises. One day, may be in a few years or in years to come, the earth may be saturated with water.

8.1.5. Enhanced natural greenery brings down the temperature and helps to maintain an almost constant temperature year through.

8.1.6. Natural greenery also ensures consistent rainfall which in turn again promotes the growth of flora and fauna.

8.1.7. Drought will never show up again as there is enough water reserved underground to meet all types of emergencies.


Agricultural production will increase manifold which will mean improved economy.


Let us present the Mother Nature with plenty of water, the precious ingredient of Life and which the Nature very dearly requires for Her 'balancing acts'. Let us protect the Nature. In return the Nature will protect and provide us with all the prosperity we need. If not....